If you are anything like me when the weather starts to warm up and those little signs of spring starts to appear I find myself looking for the freshness of salads to accompany our family meals.   My requirements; easy, ability to make ahead, pleasing to all my picky eaters and the most important, the leftovers tastes even better.

This kale salad fits that bill. Especially since you can make it up for lunch and it is even better when dinner rolls around. The recipe below makes a giant salad, perfect to take along to a gathering or enough to enjoy the next day.


***Disclaimer: Folks, this is a SALAD all measurements are a very good guess. Be creative; add what you like take away what you don’t.  Give it a little taste before serving***


Here is what you need,

2 bunches of kale – stripped of the stalks and ripped into bite size pieces.

170g of sundried tomatoes – if they are dried, cover in boiling water soaking while you are prepping the kale or until very soft. Drain and squeeze dry in paper towels. If they are packed in oil just give a quick rinse and pat dry.  Cut in to strips or small pieces.

1 cup walnuts or pine nuts – roughly chopped

1 cup parmesan cheese – I prefer chopping a block of parmesan cheese into small pieces for this, you can use whatever you have on hand

Throw all ingredients above in a giant bowl and mix thoroughly



1/2 cup balsamic ‎vinegar

3/4 cup olive oil – or a little bit less

2.5 tbsp maple syurp – You can use sugar or honey too if you want or leave the sweetener out all together.

2 cloves of garlic – pressed.

1 tbsp Dijon mustard – honey mustard is always a great alternative as well


Shake/whisk/blend (whatever you want) all the ingredients together. Take a little taste test, adjust if needed. Depending on the size of the salad it may not take all the dressing so start by pouring on just half. Give it a good mix, taste and then decide if more dressing is needed.  Any dressing that is leftover can be saved in the fridge for future use.


Make this one up early it will be perfect by dinner and even better the next day.